Provincial Chapter President – Jim Wiebe

1976 Firebird Trans Am. Factory 455 5 spd car, ordered with no options. But currently has a 350 sbc Original Buccaneer Red w/ Firethorn Red interior. Currently Carousel Red.

Founding Member – William Van Sickle

Founding Member – Vincent Burke Jr.

Founding Member – Joe Lauzon

My 67 bird is originally a 326 3spd, plumb mist paint and parchment interior! When I purchased it, it was a bare shell, already painted a caddy cts silver pearl! Previous owner passed away before it was completed! I put a sbc power glide,and a black interior I had extra from previous projects! A year later I found the gentleman’s widow, she informed me that she new where the original driveline and interior was! My luck the motor and tranny were completely rebuilt and I was able to purchase everything! Only thing missing was the parchment door panels! Body is still showing great but the plan is to bring it back to the plum mist and as close to original as I can! My 68 conv is a 350 400 turbo! Was restored 28 years ago by a buddy of mine! Original Mayfair Maze with a black deluxe interior! Pw top,pw steering, ps disc brakes! I also have another 67 in the middle of restore, still collecting parts for it! It’ll have 4spd, 400 hood with hood tach, not sure on color yet, but black interior.

Founding Member – Jason Looker

 Founding Member – James Bedient

Founding Member – David Kautzman

Founding Member – Dale Nagel

Founding Member – Curtis Dammann